Almost 53 years OLD!

Here comes the age. I’m almost 53 years old, yet I feel like maybe 36. My body feels a bit heavier but my soul is of a youngster. This is not bad considering what I’ve been through, which was generally good.

Men my age especially in the Middle East tend to think it’s the final count down, thus they start preparing for life after (if any). Well, to be honest, I believe if I had a couple of days in this life, I would want to enjoy it and squeeze the last bit of it. Not that I didn’t live a good life but it’s like paying for a car but leaving the hood behind. There’s no reason to stop enjoying life because you think you’re doomed.

What if you lived till your Nintys? You would have wasted 40 years of your waiting instead of enjoying.

I’m not really concerned about death and this is not what I intended to write about, but you see, when you’re my age you don’t give a shit about anything, and you just keep on saying what you like to say. The reason is obvious. Your eyes are opened and you’ve lived long enough to realize that life is a lie. It’s a deep illusion that only exists in our minds. We think we’re changing the world but rest assured the world hasn’t changed at all. All species go about their lives just like normal, while we humans think we’re important to life and that what we see is what it is.

The harsh reality it’s all one big lie. The economy, politics, relations, and anything that we think of highly is a trick to join the rat race. We want more money, more women, more kids, more power, more success and no matter how much we get of it, we keep on asking for more.

Then we get older and start seeing life for what it’s worth. It’s a place for rest and joy, yet we failed to make it so. We succeeded in creating more enemies than friends. Why is that? Delusion!

Note: This is almost the first article I write in English since 20 years ago, so please bear with me till I regain my English language muscles.